[Team Pakistan🇵🇰] In response to achieving the construction of the 300+ well by our team in Pakistan we would like to dedicate this message to them.
For the last months the volunteers of ZamZamCharity Pakistan have invested their blood sweat and tears day after day for all of you❤️.
In the meantime they arranged the distribution of the donations to the different locations and hiring the workers and plumbers for 300+ wells. Due their serious effort we were able to keep the costs low in order to provide a favourable price for you to profit from.
The water works have become a well-considered investment not only for the sake of Allah, but for the inhabitants of Sindh who have been living in poor conditions. Our team managed to locate those spots where the demand of clean drinking water was the highest. In a barren region like Sindh, which exceeds the surface of the Netherlands by a factor 3, with almost no infrastructure our volunteers managed the transport and on sight assembly of the materials and providing us the feedback content for the donor.
We can only imagine the impact of this immense burden that has been placed on them by supporting us and performing these tasks. We would like to thank team Pakistan from the bottom of our hearts and ask Allah sincerely for his blessings and glad tidings for them and their families and to make their good deeds exceed on the scale. May Allah grant them the highest level of Jannat’ul Firdaous 🤲🏻